Pastoral care

     We are a family of faith responding to the good news of Jesus Christ by caring for each other and reaching out in compassion to the needs of all people. The ministry of believers, both ministers and lay persons, lead in worship, service, and spiritual growth.

     The pastor provides a caring ministry for the sick, shut-ins and the bereaved, and is available for confidential conversation and respects the confidentiality of what is shared with them. Contact the pastor to make an appointment. Every effort will be made to accommodate emergencies and crises immediately.

     Church members exercise caring and nurture informally through conversations, visits, phone calls, and even notes or email messages. Many take on the formal responsibility to care for and help each other out in times of trouble providing a caring ministry for the sick, shut-ins and the bereaved. The common thread is that all are charged with pastoral care. Members, through special friendships or relationships, often can know of joys to celebrate or crises that call for compassionate support. Each person can detect needs in the lives of people in the congregation and respond and communicate that information to the pastor or Elders when that is appropriate.