Growing in Friendship

Coffee Fellowship

     Get acquainted with members of our church as we gather each Sunday morning before Sunday School in the foyer to talk casually with friends. There are donuts and coffee to accompany the conversation.

Fellowship Dinners

     Congregational meals are held monthly on the second Wednesday each month at 6:00 P.M. Occasionally we have a breakfast prior to worship, sometimes a lunch following morning worship.

The men of Northwest Oklahoma Disciples get together for a dinner meeting and program every other month on the third Thursday. The meeting is held at different churches in the area. Our men meet at the church to travel together for out-of-town meetings. All men are welcome.

Committee Work


     It is the committee's responsibility to lead the membership in a genuine experience of worship through meaningful worship experiences for all ages; administration of baptism and the Lord's Supper, special prayer services; promote personal devotional growth among individual members and homes of church members; and plan special events of worship.

Christian Education

     It is the committee's responsibility to provide opportunities for an effective program of religious education for all members to discover and live the Christian faith.

Evangelism and Membership

     It is the committee's responsibility to cultivate an evangelistic spirit within the church, to plan and administer activities to share the good news of Jesus Christ with non-members, provide care for existing members, welcome and nurture new members into the life and fellowship of the church.


     It is their responsibility to create and foster a world vision within the church; lead in educating, planning, promoting, and administering the home and abroad mission program of the church; promote special day offerings; and sponsor interdenominational activities and projects of social action.

Stewardship and Property

     It is the committee's responsibility to develop within the membership an understanding of the full meaning of Christian stewardship; to direct the financial program of the church to supply the financial needs; provide educational programs that communicate Christian concepts of stewardship as a means of spiritual enrichment and character building for each participant; encourage endowments for future development in the church and mission program; to maintain all property in cooperation with the trustees for keeping all property and equipment in proper condition, studying needs and taking recommendations for improvements; caring for grounds and keeping the properties adequately insured; and improve the church property.

Specialized Task Groups

     Care Giving Chain

     Cookie Bakers

     Shut-in Ministries

     Elders and deacons provide communion for those unable to attend regular services.